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Hi everyone, my name is Nene Queens. I created this site to talk about industrial metalworking equipment. Tools, machinery and auto parts are all created using industrial metalworking equipment and techniques. The equipment must assist workers with cutting, bending and otherwise forming the components to spec. Workers have to precisely align and move the metal materials to allow the equipment to perform each task. My site will talk about all of the different types of metalworking equipment used through the years. I will also cover developments in this field. Please feel free to drop by my site to learn more about industrial metalworking equipment.



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How To Avoid Extra Dumpster Rental Charges

Spring is commonly the best time of year for some house cleaning and home renovation projects. Unfortunately, such home improvement chores generate a lot of debris which often necessitates that you get a dumpster rental to help haul away the mess.

Typically, you will be able to get most kinds of dumpster service at a flat fee, but there could be some extra charges incurred depending on how you use the dumpster. In this article, you will learn simple tips to help you save on additional roll off dumpster charges.

Order in advance and call for pickup

Some dumpster service companies will usually have an additional fee for a dumpster ordered at the last minute. Be sure to plan your schedule and determine exactly when you will need the dumpster rental delivered so you can make your order in advance to save on any additional charges and avoid the last minute scramble. 

Once you have filled your dumpster rental, be sure to call the dumpster service immediately before the lapse of the agreed-upon rental time. Any extensions past this time will often attract additional fees, so making sure the dumpster is picked up immediately could save you some money and also ensure the clutter is cleared from your compound as soon as possible. 

Know the dimensions of your dumpster rental

Overage charges may be added to your final dumpster rental bill if you go overweight, so it helps to inquire about the weight limit on your dumpster before signing the rental contract. In some cases, the dumpster itself might not be full, but heavy debris could weigh it down and lead to a weight overage. It is therefore wise to consider the weight, rather than the volume of the waste you put in your dumpster.

Similarly, you need to ensure that the debris stays below the fill line on the dumpster. An overflowing container is usually impossible to carry away, as it cannot be secured properly to the hauler, in which case you will likely incur an extra charge for the failed pickup.

Keep hazardous waste out

Most dumpster services have strict guidelines on what cannot be dumped in their containers. This is because hazardous waste needs special disposal and cannot be dumped in landfills to avoid environmental contamination.

To be on the safe side, inquire about the debris you want disposed early on so you avoid going against company guidelines and possibly incurring a penalty for throwing prohibited items in the dumpster rental. Some common items that are usually prohibited in dumpsters include car batteries, tires and paints.