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Hi everyone, my name is Nene Queens. I created this site to talk about industrial metalworking equipment. Tools, machinery and auto parts are all created using industrial metalworking equipment and techniques. The equipment must assist workers with cutting, bending and otherwise forming the components to spec. Workers have to precisely align and move the metal materials to allow the equipment to perform each task. My site will talk about all of the different types of metalworking equipment used through the years. I will also cover developments in this field. Please feel free to drop by my site to learn more about industrial metalworking equipment.


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How To Choose A Jet Pump For Any Application

Jet pumps are often used to move water from a water source to a point of use. For example, you may own a well and may need to install a jet pump to extract water from the well and move it to a location where it can then be used. They are referred to as jet pumps because they operate in a manner similar to a jet engine.

The Operation of a Jet Pump

Jet pumps generate a large amount of pressure and transport water through a venturi valve. The pressure differential created by this causes jet power that allows the water to move at a high PSI. The two main types of jet pump to choose from are the shallow and deep well pumps.

Deep Well Pumps Vs. Shallow Well Pumps

The purpose of a deep well pump is to have the horsepower necessary to pump wells deeper than 25 feet. Shallow well pumps are designed to pump wells more shallow than that. Deep well pumps are sometimes also referred to as convertible pumps. Deep well pumps can be used to pull water from shallow water sources as well so you have the option of simply purchasing a deep well pump for all of your well pumping applications. 

Self-Priming Pumps

With a self-priming pump, the casing is filled with liquid so that the pump is ready to operate. The impeller rotates in the casing and creates a pressure area at the eye of the impeller. This creates suction due to the pressure being lower than the atmosphere and this forces air into the suction line of the pump. The air is then discharged from the casing as it separates from the liquid. For maximum suction conditions, you will need a rapidly self-priming pump. 

Pressure Switches

The behavior of your well is governed by a pressure switch. In some cases, the pressure switch might need to be adjusted or the flint and walling jet pump might act up.

The Body

Jet pumps can be constructed in a manner that can allow them to have very long lives and continue to supply water for your applications. A cast iron body with a mounting ring and bronze impellers will help you maintain continuous operation. Double ball bearing motors also allow for the pump to operate continuously. Once you have found a sturdy jet pump, all you have left is to make sure that it generates the PSI necessary for your applications.