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Hi everyone, my name is Nene Queens. I created this site to talk about industrial metalworking equipment. Tools, machinery and auto parts are all created using industrial metalworking equipment and techniques. The equipment must assist workers with cutting, bending and otherwise forming the components to spec. Workers have to precisely align and move the metal materials to allow the equipment to perform each task. My site will talk about all of the different types of metalworking equipment used through the years. I will also cover developments in this field. Please feel free to drop by my site to learn more about industrial metalworking equipment.


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4 Key Factors To Consider When Buying Industrial Air Compressors

An industrial air compressor is a machine that generates pressurized air to power various industrial activities. Many companies use compressed air to power air tools like nail guns and abrasive blast equipment. There are three major air compressors, i.e., commercial-grade compressors, scroll oil-free air compressors, and rotary screw air compressors. Before buying air compressors, analyze the following factors to ensure you get the suitable device for your industrial needs.

1. Power requirements

Industrial air compressors use gas or electricity to power them. Analyze the nature of the industrial activity and its cost-effectiveness when selecting an air compressor. For instance, if the industrial work occurs indoors, an electric air compressor is the most suitable choice because it does not involve fume emissions. When going for an electric compressor, consider its operating voltage. Gas-powered air compressors are ideal for outdoor activities and areas with no reliable electricity supply, e.g., mines and construction sites. They are also an efficient choice to help cut down energy costs.

2. Air demand

Air demand varies depending on industrial activities. For example, huge manufacturing plants have high air demands because large machines constantly use the pressurized air. Before buying an air compressor, determine its compressor tank's air capacity and whether it's sufficient to power your industrial activities. If your industrial equipment has high-air demand, choose a compressor with a big tank to get enough air storage. Choosing a compressor with a smaller tank may strain its motor and make it hard to satisfy your air demand. 

3. Duty cycle

A duty cycle is the total time a compressor delivers compressed air within a cycle. When selecting air compressors for industrial activities, choose one that can maintain consistent temperature during your industrial equipment's duty cycle. If you're running an industrial project requiring continuous equipment use, you need rotary screws or centrifugal air compressors. They have internal cooling that enables them to operate continuously for a lengthy period. 

 4. Portability

Industrial projects such as construction work require movement from one place to another. Portability should be a vital consideration when selecting air compressors for mobile activities to make your job easier. Ideal air compressors for off-site projects should be lighter and have wheels and handles for easy movement.


Air compressors are essential for almost all types of industrial activities. They offer cost-effectiveness, energy efficiency, and easy control. When buying air compressors for your industrial activities, consult a dealer, such as a Quincy air compressor dealer, to guide you on the different types of air compressors available and help you choose the right one for your needs.